Protected: Consultant Support FAQ’s

General Support Questions

If I share a product link from my website, will it stay connected to my page?
Yes! As long as you visit your replicated website first ( it will stay connected to your account. You can always confirm that you are on your site by clicking on the purple pop-up button located on the left-hand side of your browser.
How often are new products added?
We currently add new products to our collection once per year, however, we may offer limited-time products throughout the year along with holiday brochures and LGBTQ+ pride brochures. If you or your customers have an item you'd like to request for future product releases, please email your suggestion to
Am I required to carry inventory?
No. We do not require consultants to have inventory on-hand for "cash-and-carry" sales as to not put our consultants in the financial risk of not selling their inventory. Also, keep in mind that our 90-day warranty on our products begins when the item(s) is purchased and the order is received by our warehouse. By placing orders as they are received you are ensuring your customers will receive the freshest product and the maximum warranty.
Am I required to recruit?
No. While building a team can be rewarding (and profitable!) it is not required to remain an active consultant.
Is there a sales quota?
To remain an active consultant you must have at least $300.00 in Personal Sales Volume in a rolling 3-month period. This minimum requirement is reevaluated on the 1st calendar day of each month. (Example: When accounts are compressed in July, your total Personal Sales Volume from April, May, and June combined must be at least $300.00 or greater.) Failure to meet this minimum requirement will result in account forewarning. After 3 consecutive months of failure to meet this minimum requirement, your account and consultant agreement may be terminated.
Are there any fees associated with being a consultant?
Yes. All consultants are required to pay a monthly access fee of $10.00, which is manually billed on the 1st of each calendar month using the credit card on file.
Can I purchase two starter kits?
We only allow one business starter kit per person and do not allow consultants to purchase additional starter kits or upgrade their starter kit after their initial purchase. If you would like to add additional demonstration items to your starter kit you may do so by purchasing items in your consultant back office at a 40% buying discount.
How do I get paid?
Your 40% commission on retail sales is paid to you in one of two ways. 1. In the form of a buying discount, when you place orders for your customers in the consultant back office. Example: You'll collect the full retail total from your customer(s) and then place their order(s) in the consultant back office portal. Our system will automatically deduct 40% from the total, so you'll only pay for the "wholesale" cost of the product(s). 2. On the 1st and 15th of each month via check for any online orders that are received through your replicated site. This check may also include payments from team sales overrides and/or cash bonuses.

Hosting a Party

How do I get parties?
The best way to get parties is by asking your friends when you start your Naughty Cocktail Parties™️ business. We'll also send you party leads that we collect through our website if you are the nearest or requested consultant. We suggest planning a box opening party when your kit arrives. Simply invite your friends over and open your starter kit together. You'll have tons of fun opening all of the demonstration items and flipping through the catalog to find out what each one is! Then, ask one of your friends to host a party of their own. We all have different friend groups, so chances are that you will meet new people at their party. Once you get out of your friend group the party opportunities are endless! Aim to book at least one or two parties at each party to keep the momentum going.
Who pays for the host rewards program?
Our host rewards program is paid for by the consultant, however, we have designed the credits and discounts in such a way that it will work within your 40% buying discount. In other words, we've made sure that in most cases you are not paying much, if anything at all, out of pocket for the rewards that your host earns. Keep in mind that these types of sales discounts are tax-deductible should you need to file a 1099-MISC for your Naughty Cocktail Parties™️ business. Without party hosts' our business wouldn't be as successful, so consider these rewards as a cost of doing business an a thank you to your hosts' for supporting your business.
What is a host packet? What should be included in it?
A host packet is a collection of information that you mail to your host upon booking a party. We also recommend always having a few of these pre-made and on hand at parties so that future hosts can go home with their packet. A good host packet should include the following:‎‎‎‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎
  • 1 Host Letter (example available in the resource center)
  • 1-2 Catalogs
  • 2 Business Cards
  • 3-5 Order Forms with the Host Name and Shipping Cost pre-filled
  • 1 Host Rewards Brochure
  • 1 Opportunity Brochure
  • 1 Pen (available in the back office order center)
  • 1-2 samples of Coochy®️ Shave Cream or Lubricant (this way your host can give a testimonial at their party)
How do I get parties?
The best way to get parties is at parties! After you place your order for your business starter kit we strongly recommend you pick a date and host your own launch party. Invite everyone you know (and ask everyone you know to bring someone you don't know). At this party, you'll be able to introduce your friends to your new business. Don't stress about knowing every detail of every product! Explore the catalog and your demonstration products together as a group. Afterward, invite your friends to make purchases and to book parties of their own. A good rule to go by is to book at least 2 parties at every party, this will create a "snowball" effect and you'll be meeting and partying with new people in no time!

Placing Orders

A customer said they ordered on my website, but I don’t see it in my back office?
Sometimes customers accidentally visit the main website, make typographical errors, or have pop-up windows blocked on their device, all of which may cause the order not to assign to your account. If this happens, please contact us during normal business hours with the customer's full name and order number. Once we confirm that the customer belongs to you and it is not assigned to another consultant account we can re-assign it. It is recommended that you check for missing orders before replicated website compression, which takes place on the 1st and 15th or each month.
My orders have been combined into one shipment, why is that?
If our warehouse notices multiple orders being delivered to the same shipping address they will often time combine the orders into one shipment. By doing this we can provide you with faster shipping speeds (i.e. lightweight orders may ship via First Class Mail, while heavier orders will ship via Priority Mail), reduce our carbon footprint, conserve packing supplies and material, and continue to offer all of our customers across the country a low, flat-rate shipping option.
The postage printed on my package is much lower than what I paid, why is that?
You may see a low postage price printed on your package (all starter kits and any order with a high value). Please understand that this amount is not the full postage amount of what it cost us to mail your order. The amount you may see on your package is additional postage purchased after the original shipment from our warehouse to insure your package during transit through the United States Postal Service. These packages will have two tracking numbers, one is the tracking number you receive via email once the order is complete and the other is in case it is damaged during transit.
Where do I place orders?
To place an order for a customer you'll want to log in to your back office (click on Consultant Login located at the bottom of the main website). Once in your back office, follow these steps. User Menu (if using a mobile device you will have to click on the three lines in the upper right-hand corner to make the menu appear) > Order Center > Individual Order > Create Individual Order (orange button) > Add items to your shopping cart (Pro Tip! Using the first three letters of the item you're looking for is faster than typing in the full product name) > Next (don't worry, it will calculate your 40% commission/buying discount on the last screen) > Add Payment Method (or select one that is already on your account - Important! Never use a customer's debit/credit card in the back office!) > Shipping Information (we can ship to you or directly to your customer, shipments will only include the shipping information and a packing list and non of your personal information or product pricing) > Select shipping method (shipping is a flat-rate per order) > Submit Order.
Will customers receive an email receipt when I place orders for them in the back office?
Our back office order center is set up to override the email address that is provided by you with the shipping information to the email address that we have on file for you. Simply put, no, the customer will not receive any emails nor will they sell how much you actually paid for their order. After you place an order in your back office you should receive two emails. The first one will be the credit card receipt (this will show what you paid) and the second one will be the order confirmation (this will show the total retail cost breakdown). Pro tip! To save time deciphering people's email addresses you can type yours in to save time.
My customer wants to pay with a debit/credit card, how do I accept that?
You are responsible for collecting payment from your customer and using your own debit/credit card when placing orders for them in the back office. Important! Never use a customer's debit/credit card in the back office! To collect debit/credit payments from your customers we recommend using Square. Click here to learn more about Square and request a free credit card reader. Any credit card processing fees you incur may be tax-deductible should you need to file a 1099-MISC for your Naughty Cocktail Parties™️ business.
Are orders shipped to me, my host, or the customer?
All orders placed on your replicated website are shipped directly to the shipping address provided by the customer. Orders placed in your consultant back office can be shipped to any address as well and will not include any pricing or personal information on the order packing slips. We recommend charging your customers shipping individually and inputting their orders separately, this way you don't have to worry about delivering or shipping their orders yourself. Never ship all of your party guests' orders to the host as that goes against our mission statement keeping all orders confidential.
When will I get paid from my replicated website sales?
Accounts are compressed on the 1st and 15th of each calendar month. During this time we payout your 40% sales commission on any retail sales that may have taken place on your replicated website. Ex. Online sales received the 1st through 14th of the month will be paid out on the 15th and online sales received the 15th through the last day of the month will be paid out on the 1st. Online website sales commissions are paid out via check.
Can my customers shop online?
Of course! As a Naughty Cocktail Parties™️ Independent Consultant you'll receive a customizable replicated site. You can upload a picture of yourself, manage your location, and write a welcome message if you'd like. You will receive your 40% commission on retail sales on the 1st and 15th of each month via check for any online orders that are received through your replicated site. This check may also include payments from team sales overrides and/or cash bonuses.