Party Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens at a Naughty Cocktail Party?

A: Naughty cocktails are the best “adult night”! Our Independent Consultants will arrive with exclusive demonstration products and educate you and your friends on how to use them to better benefit your sexual needs. Then, your friends will be encouraged to place an order in the pre-established private shopping room. As a host, you will receive free and discounted products. See rewards!

Q: Can men attendNaughty Cocktail Parties?

A) Yes! We believe that men like to have fun in the room as well as women. We are proud to be a mixed company. I just want a girls night? No problem! Men can still buy online and you will continue to credit the sale. Naughty Cocktails are very funny, we want everyone to enjoy the experience!

Q: How much does it cost to host a Naughty Cocktail Party?

A: Naughty Cocktail Parties is 100% free to host. Our Independent Consultants get an income from the sales of your party and you earn free and discounted products! So, what are you waiting for? Organize a party today!

Q: How discreet are the purchases of my friends and me?

A: Privacy is one of our main concerns. All sales must take place in a separate area / room, where you and your guests will be partying. To continue this privacy, all orders will be sent to individual guests, so you do not have to worry about receiving a 50-pound box of sex toys delivered to your home. (Unless, of course, you ask them all for yourself!)

Q: If someone can not attend my party, can they place the order online?

A) Yes! Your Naughty Cocktail Independent Consultant will provide you with your unique web address. Just be sure to tell him that one of your guests placed an order, this way you can add it to the retail sales of your party!

Q: Do I receive my products that night of the party or will they send them to me by mail?

A: We encourage our consultants to enter all orders individually and allow us to send them directly to each client. However, some consultants can keep inventories. Wait between 7 and 14 business days from the time of purchase to receive your item (s) (do not worry, it’s usually much faster than that!)