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Re-Servicing Rewards Program

Please use this form to document refill orders placed August 24th, 2020 - August 31, 2020. If a customer re-orders more than 4 products, please submit a separate form for additional products.

Communication with your customers shouldn’t stop after you’ve partied together and delivered their order. Schedule time in your calendar for customer re-servicing. What is re-servicing? Re-servicing is reaching out to past customers that purchased an item, or items, that are consumable. It’s a way to provide outstanding customer service to your customers, creating relationships that could last for life. By making a few re-servicing calls a month you can increase your sales, earn higher sales bonuses, and book parties for future months. In order to build a good rapport with your customers, you have to keep in touch, but we know that you might be fearful or shy on the phone. We’ve taken the worry out of calling your customers by putting together some scripts to help you.

Download our Re-Servicing Call Scripts HERE.

⇩⇩ Earn PC (Product Credit) for re-servicing your customers! See the chart below for details. ⇩⇩