Foreplay (And Why It Matters)

Foreplay (And Why It Matters)

So, here’s the thing: you meet someone with whom you feel you want to take things further. Things slowly escalate, and you find yourself in a room with them, and it’s going great; things are steaming up, those gentle kisses on the cheeks turn into hot make-out sessions, clothing is coming off, and kisses go from the lips to the nipples, to the thighs, you start slow. It starts to pick up the pace, and just as it feels good, bam! You reach climax, and the fun’s all over. Wait, where was the fun in all of this? Well, you both missed it. This is where foreplay comes in and why it matters (especially to women).

According to a psychosexual therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a professor at New York University, “Foreplay can be the key to ultimate sexual gratification if performed right.” Men and women are different when it comes to sexual pleasure. It’s easier for men to beat their meat and find satisfaction in solo plays, whereas women need and take a reasonable amount of time to reach climax. For women, foreplay serves both a physical and emotional purpose and helps in preparing the woman’s body and mind for sex.

The buildup to sex can be as significant as the sex itself, and using certain products can change your idea of intimacy. In our collection, you will find the best sex toys and products that can add wonders to your sex life. Sex should not feel like a chore; if it does, you are clearly not on the right path. Finding ways to enhance your sex life can significantly impact your mental, physical and emotional health. The reason why foreplay holds excellent value is because of the curiosity, the sexual tension, and the desire it creates among partners. You can choose to take your clothes off and have sex, or you can choose to take things slow, make your way to your partner’s sexual satisfaction, and introduce some new tricks to build up the tension before you both reach climax.

Is it getting steamy in here, or is it just this blog? Alright, enough of the turn-on stories; let’s talk about having excellent foreplay before engaging in sexual intercourse—some tips and tricks to learn to up your foreplay game for you and your partner. Don’t start from the inside; starting from the outside!
Foreplay doesn’t always have to take place inside the bedroom; it should start from the outside. Being spontaneous is the first step to good foreplay. If you both are in the kitchen, make use of it. Make your partner sit on the countertop and give them something to feel good about. Have you tried the bathroom yet? Oof, those steamy showers are everything! The basement is also a great place to initiate things.

Remember Jason Derulo’s “Talk dirty to me” phrase? It’s not just a phrase.
Talking dirty doesn’t have to be nasty. Start by whispering in their ear and letting them know you want them. Slowly escalate to opening up to what you want to do with their body. Maybe tell them how you want to pin them on the bed and use sex toys to stimulate their most sensitive areas. Talking dirty can bring steam and excitement to your foreplay.

Toys aren’t just made for the kids to play with. Over the past decade or more, the use of sex toys has become more common among couples. Adding sex toys to your intimate relationship or a casual hookup can spice things up between you and your partner, help you understand each other, and open possibilities to endless pleasure. Women are way different than men when it comes to sex, and not every man is comfortable with the idea of oral sex through the mouth, and this is where sex toys come in. If you want your woman to reach her climax without you having to put in much effort, opt for a sex toy. Some good toys to use during foreplay are Stylus, Pinwheel, Stiletto, Spark, Adore, and Rock It (with or without the Attachments). Ladies, if you’re not a fan of giving oral sex yourself, try using Crave, an open-ended sleeve that is ribbed for his pleasure. Want to add a little flavor to oral sex? Our Blow Me! Oral Sex Gel comes in flavors such as Sugar Rush (which tastes just like cotton candy), Berry Burst, and Electric Mint!

Foreplay can be an exciting addition to sex (in our opinion, necessary). It can turn that 20-minute rendezvous into endless hours of pleasure.

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