The Astrology of Sex & Pleasure: Aries

It’s Aries season and things are starting to heat up! Aries’ are on a mission when it comes to pleasure. They love foreplay and are usually the ones initiating it. The sex drive of an Aries can be pretty high, so strap in, because we have a lot of great sex suggestions and products that are perfect for you! If you’re an Aries playing with a partner (or several partners), you’ll have the best orgasms with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and/or Aquarius. 

Let’s start with the preparation for an exciting play session with an Aries. Since Aries is a fire sign they would love our Pure Instinct®️ Sex Attractant Cologne, which features a sultry blend of fragrance oils with added pheromones for a customized scent every time. Pheromones work best on the bodies’ hot spots, places like your neck, wrists, behind your ears, on your chest, inside of your elbows or knees, and your thighs. This won’t only stimulate the Aries, but may also attract their partner(s).

Now onto the toys. Aries are very precise, to the point people, so it’s should come as no surprise that they want those same traits in their pleasure products. Two toys that offer that are Double Up and Opulence. Double Up is a multi-speed (10 to be precise), dual motor, water-resistant vibrator. It’s great for both internal and external stimulation at the same time, which is just what an Aries wants! Opulence is a luxurious vibrator that features 10-functions plus a one-key burst for maximum enjoyment. The rabbit-style design is ribbed for external stimulation and is made of our premium silicone material. Again, the same idea, internal and external stimulation. Both of these toys will work on both male and female Aries, but if we had to choose which one is better for the male, we’d say Opulence. When a male uses the Opulence anally, the two ears will caress the underside of the testicles, causing vibration and stimulation to the prostate both internally and externally. 

Finally, let’s talk about sex positions! Aries’ aren’t picky when it comes to which position they like in the bedroom, just as long as it isn’t too complicated. A pack of Sex! The Card Game position cards (available for all sexualities) would be perfect for this sign. Remember, don’t forget to get lubricant and toy cleaner to help you explore all of these great recommendations and to clean up afterward so that you’re ready for round 2 (or 5).

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