How To Book Parties Without Ever Saying, “Will You Host A Party?”

How To Book Parties Without Ever Saying, “Will You Host A Party?”

November 10th, 2019 ★ Michelle Withers

There are many scary things in life.  Heights, spiders, and flying are just a few common fears. But when a poll was taken, it was found that people are more fearful of speaking in public than they are of death. This fear is closely connected to the fear of asking someone for something and hearing that dreaded, “NO!!” We can all say logically that, “When we ask if someone wants to buy something and they say no, they are saying no to the product, not to us.” But sometimes, that just doesn’t help.

In addition to not liking to “hear” the word no, we often hate to have to respond with a “No” answer. We know it makes others uncomfortable because we hate hearing it ourselves. And we don’t want people to “be upset” with us.

With these two factors, it’s surprising we do any business. We are all functioning with the fear of having to say no. Is there another way that would make both parties more comfortable?

Booking parties is a simple four-step process

  1. Discover what product they “Can’t live without.”
    1. During a virtual party create a post that asks, “What one product would you LOVE to get for FREE?”
    2. When wrapping up their orders, ask if there would be anything else they’d get if it was for free.
    3. Give each client at a home party a wish list to fill out.
  2. Discover their interest level

People book parties for three main reasons.

  1. Free product
  2. The socialization with friends
  3. Sharing something they are excited or passionate about

Keep the focus on the education and information they’ll learn by attending your event.

Lastly, on a scale of 1-10, how important do you feel it is that a few of your friends know more about the options we offer? People love to be helpful and share ideas that have made a difference in their life.

As mentioned earlier, we hate both saying and hearing the response, “No.” Therefore, never ask “Will you book a party?”.  To avoid that awkward situation for both you and your potential hostess, use the following question:

“What are your thoughts on getting some of those items for free and half-price by getting some friends together and have a ___________ product demo class?”

Often potential hostesses don’t understand what is expected of them and their responsibilities. Not everyone knows that there is both a live and virtual option for earning free product and bonding with their friends. Clear up misunderstandings after they share with you their thoughts on hosting a party, and you’ll book more parties.

  1. Give options

In every situation when you are hoping to receive a “yes” response, give two “yes options.” Don’t just ask them YES or NO, because there is instantly a 50% chance of hearing no. Instead, offer only two yes options. The person you are communicating with knows that they can say no, but now that is one option of three instead of two.

Some examples of options could be the following;

  • Is a home party or virtual party better for you and your friends?
  • Would a weekend or weeknight work better for you and your guests?
  • Would a party online where we have everyone meet for one quick hour or a party that stays open for 5 days be the best fit for you and your Facebook friends?

It’s true; you can book many, many more parties and never have to ask the question, “Will you host a party?”  In fact, by not asking that question and asking more questions about the individual, you’ll book more parties than ever before!!!

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