106 Ways to Find New Business

106 Ways to Find New Business

August 23rd, 2019 ★ Create A Cash Flow Show

It is essential that every direct sales business owner has multiple systems to generate a continuous supply of leads OUTSIDE the party setting. This list should give you some good ideas.

  1. Team up with realtors and mortgage brokers and give them gifts to give their clients
  2. Homeowners’ organization clubhouse shows
  3. Donate gifts to organizations to fill baskets to auction off at events
  4. Use your catalog (with stickers) not your business card home party catalog
  5. Provide a bimonthly informative newsletter that brings value to your customers and contacts
  6. Have an open house (but call it a practice show) & invite everyone you meet for three weeks before the show (get follow-up numbers)
  7. Leave old catalogs (with stickers) in waiting rooms all over town (make sure it’s an appropriate area where children can’t get ahold of the catalogs)
  8. Attend fairs, expos, food festivals as a guest and network with the vendors (take family-friendly products from our bath and body line)
  9. Put up fishbowl prize drawings at businesses
  10. Start your own local TV show on Community Access TV or a YouTube Channel – or both!
  11. Hang posters on community bulletin boards (family friendly!)
  12. Send a local press release out once a month
  13. Change hair, nail, spa salons every time you go
  14. Conduct “It’s Customer Service Week” calls every day to past customers using a customer centric-customer care script
  15. Hold a transition party when the catalog changes: open your products at the show
  16. Tell the host if you are bilingual, you never know what language(s) some of their friends might speak, we don’t want anyone feeling left out
  17. Do videotape shows instead of catalog shows
  18. Hold A WOW Party: Within One Week  – everyone knows what they are doing next week!
  19. Teach classes at the gym, grocery store, doctor
  20. Offer yourself as a FREE public speaker…talk about sex!
  21. Start a campaign to offer yourself as a bridal shower organizer/presenter. Stop in at bridal shops regularly and ask them if you can be their go-to person.
  22. Swap business services with other businesses or consultants, but be sure to swap with someone who is trustworthy and reliable
  23. Attend fairs, expos, food festivals as a vendor
  24. Hang out at the (kitchen tool, makeup, toy, etc.) aisle at your local department store and strike up conversations
  25. Join a Chamber and take advantage of all the membership benefits
  26. Visit Chamber of Commerce networking events as a guest
  27. Get a book at the Chamber of Commerce for non-profit organizations
  28. Don’t forget special interest or small-town Chambers for all of the above: Become a Chamber hopper!
  29. Join business networking groups
  30. Visit business networking groups as a guest (a different one each month)
  31. Offer your services at the community center, Spanish center, etc. Educate and empower!
  32. Set up a table on neighborhood yard sale days (make sure your display is family-friendly)
  33. Bring cookies – you always get what you want when you bring cookies. If it’s an adult event, make penis cookies!
  34. Offer business luncheon shows
  35. Strike up conversations at McDonald’s play-land, parks, or anywhere else adults/parents hang out
  36. Ask for referrals for/from other companies or service providers and do the same for them
  37. Do fundraiser shows in front of the grocery store (again, make sure everything you display is family-friendly)
  38. Talk to schools, fundraisers, catalog in teachers’ lounge, show before PTA meeting
  39. Put displays at bridal locations
  40. Help the girl/boy scouts get badges (this would be a parent fundraiser of course)
  41. Take a branded traveling office with you everywhere (people will see you working and ask)
  42. Hold tailgate parties at sports events
  43. Give out gift cards or contact info on Halloween with the candy direct sales bookings
  44. Include contact information on the back of your holiday cards Direct Sales Bookings
  45. Run a weekly/monthly/quarterly prize drawing and invite people you meet out and about to join
  46. Carry little gift bags everywhere you go to hand out (always get contact info when you give a gift)
  47. Stop at every car wash/bake sale fundraiser; buy something, then ask about their cause
  48. Set up a table at your bank: many banks have a ‘highlight a local business table’ so start a campaign to inquire
  49. Contact organizations, advertise in programs or local papers, fundraisers football-program-ads
  50. Routinely perform “Out Of The Box” calls to check in, be sure they are using their items and offer use and care advice
  51. Trade home parties with other consultants in other companies
  52. Offer your demo services at stores, gyms or other related businesses to provide value to them
  53. Take your product with you to events whenever possible.
  54. Advertise in football or music programs, alumni newsletters
  55. Trade services/referrals with other direct sales consultants in non-competitive companies by handing out each others’ catalogs
  56. Contact colleges for opportunity events & you will get bookings too
  57. Wish two people happy birthday every day in social sites using birthday coupons & include a bookings up-sell
  58. Contact past purchasers about appropriate upcoming specials based on their past purchase
  59. Pamper a Business day at your dentist, doctor, or any business
  60. Go to sports events and connect with the band booster clubs
  61. Tape your grocery list to a catalog to go shopping with
  62. Schedule your own shows in restaurants or bars for fundraisers, women’s night out or just for fun (motorcycle clubs love bar shows!)
  63. Have custom note cards made with your business info on the back (or use a service for sending cards that customizes them for your business)
  64. Move into new neighborhoods by offering a get-to-know-the-neighbor residential community show
  65. Offer “last week of school” teacher shows to celebrate all the teachers who have a birthday, baby shower or wedding over the summer
  66. Offer workshops or fundraisers to apartment complexes
  67. Hold a customer appreciation New Year’s party or holiday party the last week or the first week of the year (or in August)
  68. Ask the manager of apartment complexes or condo communities if you can distribute fliers
  69. Hook up with the local welcome “wagon” and put something in their basket (it is not called that anymore but many communities have one)
  70. Join groups in your business niche or hobbies
  71. Offer workshops or fundraisers to condo – resident groups
  72. Offer workshops or fundraisers to employee relations committees (all hospitals have them)
  73. Set up profiles on all social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Pinterest and use them consistently… they really work!
  74. Start a blog to share about your products, opportunity and services. 
  75. Brand your car with a magnet or a decal and be loud and proud in a roving billboard!
  76. Create a system of texting for bookings to one contact group per week – every week!
  77. Check out ads (online and off) for those who offer daycare in their homes. A lot of home daycare providers are interested in fundraisers!
  78. Make a plan to ask for referrals and give a gift for referrals from friends, family, guests at shows, etc.
  79. Attend political town meetings, fundraiser or activist events as a supporter to meet new and influential people
  80. Put an ad in your local paper or community bulletin merchant buy-sell-trade paper
  81. Offer retirement home or assisted living parties for holiday shopping
  82. Put your company name on your mailbox
  83. Write “Ask Me For A Brochure” on one of your company logo bags, fill it with catalogs and take it everywhere you go Just Ask Me Bag
  84. Hold 1 plus 2 coffee break parties with two friends. (The host invites a friend and meets with you for 30 minutes.)
  85. Buy Leads… NO! Get Them FREE at the courthouse! Access public records of new home sales! House warming parties are great!
  86. Make “thank you for coming” follow up calls within two days of every show. 20% will book a party!
  87. Hang door knob promotions (or catalogs) on all the doors in a new neighborhood
  88. Create tear off poster campaign to hang in “Ladies’ Night” locations such as bars or restaurants tear off flyer
  89. Carry a photo brag bag instead of a purse.
  90. Participate in quarter auctions if it is legal in your state – they really are powerful booking tools!
  91. Donate bookmarks to libraries, clubs or groups with your message on one side and their message on the other.
  92. Set aside one day every month for multiple hostess shows so you have a great resource for almost any excuse!
  93. Include your (live and online) party information & benefits in with things you sell on Ebay or other online auctions.
  94. Start a layaway Christmas club
  95. Invest in promotional pens and hand out to special people! PromoPens
  96. Create a value-packed PDF electronic book (e-book) that includes bookings promotions and a call to action
  97. Host a ladies’ night out at your church (or any church)
  98. Host a ‘trunk show’ – throw open your trunk and set up a display in store parking lots for those passing by
  99. Hold your own charity events and offer bookings bonuses
  100. Become the ‘welcome to the community’ welcoming committee in your area and visit all newcomers
  101. Write a guest post for leads
  102. Practice child marketing by letting your kids carry and play with your business cards. They are very proactive at handing them out!
  103. Offer pet parties! Pet owners LOVE to pamper their pets – how can you capitalize on that?
  104. Use short live stream Facebook videos to create desire for party plan bookings both live and virtual
  105. Use Facebook ads and target a very specific niche market that will resonate with your passion
  106. Take one idea from this list of direct sales bookings ideas and implement a new one or two each week in a strategic action plan

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