Summer Sales Tips!


June 9th, 2019 ★ Naughty Cocktail Parties

Is summer a slow time for your Naughty Cocktail Parties business? Are you unsure how to get parties, sales, or motivate your team? We’ve put together a list of obstacles you may be facing and solutions on how you can turn those obstacles into opportunities!

Obstacle: End of School & Children at home

Solution 1: Online parties! Set up a private Facebook event, write a fun description, and post in the event page periodically. You can post pictures of products (check out our Instagram @adultsnightin to get some), videos (available on our website on most products), and funny memes! Set a party end date and encourage guests to purchase either through your replicated website or in a private message.

Solution 2: Quickie parties! Are you meeting friends for lunch, dinner, or just a quick drink? Bring up the idea of a quickie party! Take some catalogs, a few of your best sellers, some order forms, and give a quick 10-15 presentation about what you have to offer. Have inventory? This is also a great chance to make some cash and carry sales.

Obstacle: Vacation

Solution 1: If you’re going on vacation take some catalogs and business cards with you! You might bring up your business in conversation with someone. Are you staying at a hotel? If so, leave your housekeepers a catalog, business card, and a handwritten note before checking out!

Solution 2: Do you see friends going on vacation on social media? Give them a call and ask them if they need help spicing up their vacation. Offer them a discount or a free silver bullet to take a long!

Obstacle: Wedding Season

Solution 1: Schedule bachelor and/or bachelorette parties! Offer mild (bath and body products only) or wild (all products) parties. Do the wedding parties already have plans? Offer to provide a pampering demonstration on the day of the wedding! Give demonstrations of our Body Polish (hands and/or feet), Body Whip, and Pillow Talk! You can also give out some Coochy® Shave Cream samples a few days prior.

Solution 2: Contact local wedding planners and create a working relationship with them! Yes, you may have to give them a small percentage of your commission, but a party on your calendar is better than no parties on your calendar! Our suggestion would be to not give more than 5-10% of your 40% commission to wedding/event planners.

Solution 3: Contact engaged couples that are planning a Fall or Winter wedding! This is a great time for them to schedule a bachelor and/or bachelorette party. 

General Tips to boost your sales

  • Talk to the local boutiques, salons, spas, mom/pop stores, etc. about giving you a small space to display some products and marketing material.
  • Donate gift baskets to charity events – be sure to include your contact information.
  • Contact past customers for refill orders – offer a small discount to entice them. Tip! Phone calls are better than messages or texts.
  • Make small goodie bags to carry around with you, these might include a business card and a piece of candy – hand these out in public when your business comes up in conversation.
  • Attend vendor events with appropriate demo products and marketing material. Tip! Don’t spend more than $50-$100 on vendor fees, unless it’s a large event and you feel comfortable.
  • Talk about your business!
  • Leave business cards in restrooms at adult events (concerts, bars, etc.).
  • Wear a Naughty Cocktail Parties T-Shirt! (available in your Order Center)
  • Share the opportunity with people! Your downtime might be someone else’s busy time and you could be earning team overrides off of their sales!
  • Offer small incentives to host a party – some consultants offer silver bullets, warmers, Coochy® Shave Cream, or other lower-priced products. Tip! Don’t give out gifts like this until the night of the party or include it with the host’s order.
  • Set goals to reach out to 5 people per day about your business – this can be about hosting parties, joining your team, refilling their products, etc.
  • Meet friends or potential customers or team members for coffee or lunch.
  • Stay active on your social media! If you create a page or group for your business it is important that you don’t let it go, it’s very hard to get peoples attention once it’s lost – you can schedule posts ahead of time so that it runs itself!

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