Party Planning: 101


June 16th, 2019 ★ Naughty Cocktail Parties

The secret to a successful Naughty Cocktail Party is to have a game plan ahead of time so that both you and your host stay focused and organized. Once you get a party lead, use this Party Information Sheet to help you collect all of the information you will need from the host. After collecting this information it is a great idea to create a Private Facebook Event (be sure to add your host on Facebook and make them a Co-Host of the event.) Creating Facebook Events for parties allow you to have contact with party guests before and after the party.

Let your host know that you will be mailing them a Host Packet that will include a Host Letter with an overview of the party, our Host Rewards Brochure, a few catalogs and order forms (for guests that cannot attend the party but would still like to place an order), an Opportunity Brochure, a Naughty Cocktail Parties Pen (optional), and Paper Invitations (optional).

Be sure to contact your host often! We recommend booking parties no further than one calendar month out, this will make remembering to communicate easier and ensures that party guests will not forget about the party (this tends to happen if the party is too far out.) You should contact your host by telephone within 2-3 days of them receiving the Host Packet to go over everything and ask if they have any questions. The next call should take place 2-weeks before the party, this is a great time to ask how many guests they are expecting. The final call should happen two days before the party, ask how many guests are coming and go over your arrival plans. On the day of the party, it’s a good idea to send the host a text message letting them know that you’re looking forward to the party and when you’ll be arriving to set up your demonstration table.

It’s party time! Arrive at least 15-30 minutes before guests to set up your demonstration table and get acquainted with the host. As guests arrive you will want to introduce yourself and give them a catalog and a piece of paper with a pen. Some consultants prefer to handout order forms, but it’s easier for you to write them up in the ordering room after the party so that you can read everything clearly, some people don’t have good handwriting to decipher.

Give the best demonstration of your life! Look professional and use the Product Training Cards if need be. Be enthusiastic and leave your troubles at home. Try and keep your presentation under 30-45 minutes so that you do not lose guests attention. Do not allow group food or smoke breaks, it’s often difficult to regain attention after interruptions. Play some Party Games, but no more than 2, otherwise party guests may forget the real reason they are there, to shop!

Some guests may be shy, so having a pre-determined ordering room is ideal! After your presentation take all of your products and business supplies into this room and ask one person (who’s ready to order) to follow you. As guests order and leave the room, ask them to send in the next person (this puts the responsibility on the guests, who are often friends and will encourage each other to order.)

Our business is about personal relationships, so after the party is complete it is important to continue communication with your party hosts and their guests. You should contact your party guests within 72-hours of the party and simply say, “thank you”. We also suggest sending a simple “thank you” card in the mail to your host. People love getting unexpected mail! About 2-3 weeks after your customers receive their purchases you should contact them again to make sure they are satisfied or if they have any questions about their purchase. Its also great to contact past hosts and customers when new catalogs are released, including holiday specials! Be sure to get their birthdays and anniversary dates as well, a simple “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” message and coupon goes a long way!

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