General Questions

Yes! All products come with a 90-day no questions asked same-product replacement plan. This warranty begins the date that the original order was received by our warehouse. If you receive a defective product, please contact the Naughty Cocktail Parties™️ Independent Consultant that you ordered from. If you did not work with a consultant and ordered on our website, please contact us.

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. No refunds.

Yes! We understand that our customers want their orders to be handled and delivered discreetly. All orders are shipped in nondescript packaging such as brown boxes, single-colored bubble mailers, or the United States Postal Service provided boxes. To make your purchase even more discreet, all of our toys are double-packaged in clear wrapping with a paper insert, this way you don’t have to worry about destroying or hiding sexually suggestive packaging.

We’re proud to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express through a secure-network.

Most orders are shipped within 2-3 business days, but processing times may vary. We use the United States Postal Service and UPS as carriers. Once you receive a tracking number for your order check with the carrier for estimated delivery times.

Shipping costs are based on the retail total of your order (excluding tax, if applicable) and are calculated using a sliding scale. Please note that some items may incur a shipping surcharge.

Order Total $0.01 – $300.00 • Shipping Cost $9.95

Order Total $300.01 – $600.00 • Shipping Cost $12.95

Order Total $600.01 – $900.00 • Shipping Cost $15.95

Order Total $900.01 – $1,500.00 • Shipping Cost $19.95

Order Total $1,500.01 and more • Shipping Cost $29.95

Subject to change without notice. 

Become A Consultant

No. We do not require our Consultants to have inventory on-hand for “cash-and-carry” sales as to not put our Consultants in the financial risk of not selling their inventory. Should you decide to purchase inventory for your business we do offer Inventory Builder bundles at a deeper discount. Also, keep in mind that our 90-day warranty on our products begins when the item(s) is purchased and the order is received by our warehouse. By placing orders as they are received you are ensuring your customers will receive the freshest product and the maximum warranty.

No. While building a team can be rewarding (and profitable!) it is not required to remain an active consultant.

All orders placed on your replicated website are shipped directly to the shipping address provided by the customer. Orders placed in your consultant back office can be shipped to any address and will not include any pricing or personal information on the order packing slips. We recommend charging your customers shipping individually and inputting their orders separately, this way you don’t have to worry about delivering or shipping their orders yourself. Never ship all of your party guests’ orders to the host as that goes against our mission statement keeping all orders confidential.

To remain an Active Consultant you must achieve at least $300.00 in Personal Sales Volume in a rolling 3-month period. This minimum requirement is reevaluated on the 1st calendar day of each month. (Example: When accounts are compressed in July, your total Personal Sales Volume from April, May, and June combined must be at least $300.00 or greater.) Failure to meet this minimum requirement will result in account forewarning. After 3 consecutive months of failure to meet this minimum requirement, your account and Consultant agreement may be terminated.

The best way to get parties is by encouraging your friends when you start your Naughty Cocktail Parties™️ business. We suggest planning a box opening party when your kit arrives. Simply invite your friends over and open your starter kit together. You’ll have tons of fun opening all of the demonstration items and flipping through the catalog to find out what each one is! Then, ask one of your friends to host a party of their own. We all have different friend groups, so chances are that you will meet new people at their party. Once you get out of your friend group the party opportunities are endless! Aim to book at least one or two parties at each party to keep the momentum going.

Our host rewards program is paid for by the Consultant, however, we have designed the credits and discounts in such a way that it will work within your 40% buying discount. In other words, we’ve made sure that in most cases you are not paying much, if anything at all, out of pocket for the rewards that your host earns. Keep in mind that these types of sales discounts are tax-deductible should you need to file a 1099-NEC for your Naughty Cocktail Parties™️ business. Without party hosts’ our business wouldn’t be as successful, so consider these rewards as a cost of doing business and a thank you to your hosts’ for supporting your business.

Yes. All Consultants are required to pay a monthly access fee of $15.95, which is manually billed on the 1st of each calendar month using the credit card on file.

We only allow one business starter kit per person and do not allow Consultants to purchase additional starter kits or upgrade their starter kit after their initial purchase. If you would like to add additional demonstration items to your starter kit you may do so by purchasing items in your consultant back office at a 40% buying discount.

Of course! As a Naughty Cocktail Parties™️ Independent Consultant you’ll receive a customizable replicated site. You can upload a picture of yourself, manage your location, and write a welcome message if you’d like. You will receive your 40% commission on retail sales on the 1st and 15th of each month via check, ACH direct depot, or product credit for any online orders that are received through your replicated site.

Absolutely not! Our home office staff is here to help guide you every step of the way. From training material to sales aids, we do our best to give you everything you need to succeed!

Your 40% commission on retail sales is paid to you in one of two ways. 1. In the form of a buying discount, when you place orders for your customers in the consultant back office. Example: You’ll collect the full retail total from your customer(s) and then place their order(s) in the consultant back office portal. Our system will automatically deduct 40% from the total, so you’ll only pay for the “wholesale” cost of the product(s). 2. On the 1st and 15th of each month via check for any online orders that are received through your replicated site. This check may also include payments from team sales overrides and/or cash bonuses.

As a Naughty Cocktail Parties™️ Independent Consultant, you will earn a 40% commission on your retail sales placed on your website and in your back office. You can earn even more by building a team or achieving monthly sales goals.

Host A Party

No, hosting a Naughty Cocktail Party is completely free, though some Consultants may ask for a deposit based on distance or other conditions. If a deposit is requested we ask that all of our Consultants return that deposit in the form of product credit once their condition(s) are met.

Yes! We pride ourselves in being one of the few adult home party companies that allow all genders and sexualities to attend our parties. Whether you want to host a #adultsnightin or #girlsnight the decision is yours to make!

Yes, per federal law all party hosts and attendees must be 18 years of age or older. No infants or children may be present during our demonstrations.